High-density design

Our first designs were large pizzabox-sized boards that would fill many cabinets! Nowadays, most designs in consumer and industrial applications are heavily space-constrained: in many cases volume has gone down by three orders of magnitude or even more! Our long experience equips us ideally to deal with the challenges of miniaturization: we know how to shirk size, without compromising on reliability or increasing costs.

We can help you shrink your design using:

  • high-density routing (down to 3 mils track thickness and spacing),
  • large number of layers (the most complex design completed so far had 24),
  • very high pin-count FINE PITCH and BGA packages (up to 1500 and even more),
  • optimized placement of active and passive components on both sides.

In particular, we have long experience developing optimized layouts for the main families of programmable devices, such as the SPARTAN® and VIRTEX® series Xiling FPGA, CYCLONE® and STRATIX® series Altera FPGAsm ARM® and OMAP® series processors from Texas Instruments.

Our main customers for high-density design solutions include:
EUROTECH (High Performance Computing, Embedded Devices and Systems)
EOPTIS (Optoelectronic Instrumentation and Vision Systems)
MAS ELETTRONICA (ARM-based Embedded Systems)
IPTRONIX (Digital Video Processing and Streaming Systems)
LGL ELECTRONICS (Thread Control Systems for Textile Products)

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Particolare zona memorie DDR su scheda embedded

Visione 3D di SchedaSystem On Module

Particolare di BGA Fine Pitch passo 0,4 mm

Zona FPGA e SDRAM su scheda PC104