High-speed design

In our early days, microprocessors simply did not exist, and logic gates operated in the kHz range; no-one would have imagined that three decades later clock speeds would have been six orders of magnitude higher, well in the GHz range. Having lived through these times of transition, we are ideally equipped to design very high-speed solutions, benefiting from the experience accumulated over many technological transitions.

For the majority of our current customers, we perform:

  • layout design for high-speed single-ended and differential busses, for microprocessor, DSP and FPGA applications, using a variety of memory technologies including DDR3 and DDR5,
  • layout design for high-speed serial busses, such as USB3, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, LVDS, Infiniband all way up to data rates over 10 GBit/s, for HIGH SPEED applications ranging from general purpose boards, to backplanes and optical communication systems,
  • hybrid analog/digital high-speed design, managing the unique challenges that arise from mixed-signal design in the GHz range,
  • stack-up calculation using a variety of models and technologies, and formal signal-integrity and cross-talk analysis, with provision of detailed reports and waveforms.


Our main customers for high-speed design solutions include:

EUROTECH  (High Performance Computing, Embedded Devices and Systems)
EOPTIS (Optoelectronic Instrumentation and Vision Systems)
MAS ELETTRONICA ARM-based Embedded Systems)

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