High-power design

Thirty-five odd years ago, when we started, it was a different world: power was managed through large relay switches, and switching regulators were almost unheard of. Power consumption was hardly a concern, it was enough that something worked! Nowadays, most power actuators are digitally-controlled, often with complex algorithms, and semiconductors happily commute currents of thousands of Amperes. Linear regulators are disappearing, and power efficiency is just as important as functionality. Having experienced all phases of this complex transition, we understand exactly what it takes to design a successful high-power PCB, and all associated hidden trade-offs.

We can design:

  • high-power regulators and power supplies, operating from the kHz range to tens of MHz
  • motor control boards, combining very noisy, high-current parts with sensitive analog front-ends and digital circuitry,
  • high-efficiency LED lighting solutions, using aluminium based substrates,
  • high-voltage solutions, with formal analysis of insulation performance in the kV range, to comply with certification requirements.
  • We design layouts for high-power boards that involve devices ranging from simple diodes, rectifiers, IGBTs, FETs, thyristors, integrated H-bridges, up to complex DC-DC and AC-DC converter modules, power drivers and high-frequency switching controllers, convertes and voltage/current sensors, for managing several kV and high currents up to hundreds of Ampères.

    Our main customers for high-speed design solutions include:

    GDS (Display Systems, Photovoltaic Systems, Kiosks Instrumentation, Printers)
    LGL ELECTRONICS (Thread Control Systems for Textile Products)
    ELSY (Motor Drivers, Design and Production of Printed Circuit Boards)
    TELWIN (Welding and Cut Systems, Electronic Battery Chargers)
    AERMEC  (Air Conditioning Systems)

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Custom-design, motor control board, tightly fitting around motor assembly

Custom-design, motor control board, tightly fitting around motor assembly

Example of high-power and high-voltage layouts

Example of high-power and high-voltage layouts